Anne Bates, Stephen ..Armour, Mike Bates

Anthea Anderson ,Pet..Hamill Iain Ross

Carol & Elizabeth Gurney

Carol Gurney, June & Gordon Wakeford

Chris & Anne Schermbrucker

Christine Schofield

Christine Schofield, Eugene, Eileen Armour

DSC 1622

DSC 1625

DSC 1632

DSC 1634

Eugene Armour, Iain ..rision, Anne Bates

Iain Morrison, Chris..eld, Norman Cuthbert

Jack Simonian and David Waugh

Janette Spence, Arthur Schofield

John & Pat Chesterma.. & Arthur Schofield

John (Ches) Chesterm..rrison, Jean Boulle

John (Ches) Chesterman, Jean Boulle

John Chesterman, Car.., Pat Chesterman ,

John Chesterman, Jea..oulle & John Harman

John Harman

John Harman, Ralph & Paul Burns

Julian Marshall & family

Kevin Patience and Pam Nightingale

Mike Andrews, Pat Chesterman

Mitzi Marley, Gillia..yan, Euan Anderson

Norman Cuthbert, Mike Tetley, Val Male

Paul & Ralph Burns

Peter Gerrard, Hugh, Kevin Patience

Sally Outram, Clare ..imonian and others

Shirley & Francis Lipscombe,

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