Bev Chester, Jules Pelliser, Mike Andrews

Doug & Sally Outram

Eugene Armour, Jan D..riison, Anne Bates

Flora Dewar, Chris & Ann Schermbrucker

Jack Simonian, Eugen..hornton, John Davis

Jackie Pelliser, Dave Chester

Jan Davis, Eileen Armour, Anne bates

Jean Boulle, Barbara Parr, David Waugh

John Bind, Jack Simo..usband, Ray Knowles

John Harman, Jean Boulle and

John Scally, John Davis, John Tucker

Liz Morrison, Anne Spence, Jan Davis

Mike Andrews, Jules Pelliser

Mike Bates, Liz Morrison, Anne Bates

Nicky Hunn, Julian Marshall

Norman Cuthbert esq

Pam Nightingale, Dingo Plenderleith

Pam Nightingale, Ray Knowles

Peter Gerrard, PamNi..ale, Kevin Patience

St Mary's and Convent contingent

The Curry layout

Two waitresses

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